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The Spellbound Collection

Right of Return

Right of Return

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Scent: Rose Oud, Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Amber Musk

This series is solely focused on being able to help in some way to those suffering in Gaza. The designs are intended to be elegant and symbolic with the back label holding powerful positive reaffirmations that we will return home, we will remain strong, survive and rebuild with the powerful symbolic design of the keffiyeh behind it. 

An elegant statement-making home accent piece, these 8 oz. jars have a warm, electroplated gold interior complimented by a matte exterior. The colors chosen were made to represent the Palestinian flag.

Each scent was chosen to represent the meaning behind each candle and is crafted with eco-friendly ingredients, handmade by a Palestinian. The choice to have an exclusive 100% Palestinian (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil candle was an easy choice and sourced from Al'Ard company for the Olive Oil. Please check them out and support fellow Palestinians. 


Donations will be made to Pious Projects, MECA, MATW Project, Palestine Red Crescent Society, UNRWA, Save The Children, and PCRF with announcements for each one.

Each order will come with a Certificate of Donation.

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